UF System for Mineral Water Plant

Ultra Filtration (UF) is a membrane-based separation process. Here, hydrostatic pressure is used for forcing liquid against semi-permeable membrane. This leaves behind suspended solids, colloidal particles etc. Ultra Filtration plant consists of robust hollow membranes which operate in the economical cross-flow process so as to reduce the water and energy consumption. Its compact design ensures convenient installation in existing systems control room or in a container.

Model: PF-12,000L/H


Model: PF-12,000L/H
Quartz Sand Pre-filter parameter
Tank size Working Pressure Flow rate Quartz sand
Ф1200*1850*δ2.0 mm 0.3Mpa 10-12M3/h 1000kgs
UPVC pipeline, stainless steel valve and connector
Activated carbon pre-filter parameter
Ф1200*1850*δ2.0 mm 0.3Mpa 10-12M3/h 600kgs
UPVC pipeline, stainless steel valve and connector
UPVC pipeline, stainless steel valve and connector
ф300*1000×δ 1.5 mm
with 20 pcs 5μPP filter
0.3Mpa 10-12M3/h
UPVC pipeline, stainless steel valve and connector
UF Water Purifier
Model: UF-10,000L/H


  1. Output water: 10,000 liter per hour
  2. Recovery rate :≥98%
  3. Bacterium Removal rate:>99%
  4. Power supply,380V,2kW:
  1. UF membrane: Ф200*1000*4
  2. Booster Pump 1pc, 304SS pump
  3. TDS display system 1set
  4. Flow meter 1pc
  5. High and Low pressure protect switch
  6. Oil-filled pressure meter
  7. Auto UF membrane flushing and back flushing system 1set
  8. All the electric part adopted the famous OMRON and Schneider
  9. UPVC pipeline valve and connector

Ultra Filtration System is used as a post treatment and pre-treatment. It works as a pre-treatment for RO plant as it separates the fine physical particulates like –

  • Suspended solids
  • Turbidity
  • SDI/colloidal silica
  • Other particles that might pose harmful for RO membrane

UF Water Treatment Plant works as a post treatment for DM plant to successfully remove the organic and microbial impurities.


  • Remove particulate matter, suspended solids, bacteria, viruses from pharmaceutical and industrial process water.
  • Remove colloidal material
  • Remove high molecular weight organic
  • Provide hygienic water for use in hotels ,restaurants, hospitals and residences
  • High purity water for hospital for use in dialysis units
  • As a retrofit to de-mineralisation plants in industries to reduce regeneration chemicals