Semi-automatic washing, Filling, Labeling System for any liquid, water/beverage


The process of operating system is that firstly, operators need to place bottles with its washers, then the rest other jobs are done by machine automatically. Thereafter the washed bottles are picked-up by operators and fitted to the filling machine. This machine will function as if it is dancing in rotary style, filling bottles and sending them to conveyor automatically. When bottles pass through the conveyor, operators need to fit/place the caps & closures manually. But in the case of labeling, when the bottles are adjusted for the labeling in conveyor, the shrinking tunnel will start labeling automatically. The conveyor’s length is 5 meter including out-feed stock table.

Output Capacity : 100-110 Cases Based on 1000 Ml Minaral water.


Specification: Filler
Specification: Labeling/ Sealer
  • Working efficiency
  • Free from maintenance burden
  • Energy or labor saving
  • Excellent output

The Semi-auto filling line is the best & suitable economic type system that is applied to the PET/HDPE/Glass Bottles of water, wine, Juicy soya sauce and viginier. It is especially suitable for small or medium amount of productivity.