tsn-technologyTSN Technologies, an output of TSN energy Pvt Ltd. is the core business venture of TSN Business Group. Since a decade, we have gained the market reputation on serving to the Nepalese industries as the ‘Center of Excellence’ for sales and services of plant and machines. Product quality as well as its sustainability for any time and space is the foundation of business servile, which is our motto and eternal pursuit, too. We have tracked the record of more than 500 different categories of plant and machinery sales and support experience. Now, to cater the better service, we have recently lunched the “Industrial Technical Center of Excellence” (ITCE) thereby demonstrating warehousing spare parts and sales support. The Plant and machinery that are imported from the global leader companies around the world but the most important sales and service are localized within Nepal. Now, ITCE offers all turnkey services such as designing of industries, placing & sales of plant and machinery and the entire post-production services.

Interestingly enough, we welcome the valued clients, especially technical staff time to time for “Free Technical Education Camp.”
Email : corporate@tsncorpoartion.com Corporate contact number : 9842773017